The service fee is not a gratuity for staff.  It covers all of the back end costs that go into the event, event set up and clean up, personal event planner, stocking, catering to and from our kitchen etc.  We do not charge for walk-throughs, meetings, CAD diagrams, insurance certificates, etc. This fee offsets all of these costs to insure our clients aren’t worrying about asking for help in these areas. As far as actual gratuities go, we pay our staff well.  Our staff’s motto is that gratuities are “never necessary, never expected, and always appreciated.”


Minnesota Rules        5200.0080 GRATUITIES/TIPS CREDITS.

Subp. 4b. Clear and conspicuous notice. For purposes of Minnesota Statutes,

section 177.23, subdivision 9, clear and conspicuous notice that the obligatory charge is

not a gratuity is notice clearly printed, stamped, or written in bold type on the menu,

placard, the front of the statement of charges, or other printed material given to the

customer. Type which is at least 18 point (one-fourth inch) on the placard, or 9 point

(one-eighth inch) or larger on all other notices is clear and conspicuous.